At Northern Michigan Ecstatic Dance we dance for about an hour, usually to a pre-arranged playlist. Every so often we have live music or a live DJ. Usually we make the playlists ourselves, other times we use playlists arranged by other DJs. 

All styles of music are welcome and we try to mix it up as much as possible, however some genera work better than others. 

We tend toward songs with no lyrics or non-English lyrics. 

Although some songs might be dark or assertive, they are never violent or hateful. The goal is for you to leave the dance feeling powerful and uplifted.

You can find more about the music in the FAQs.

The order of the songs

The music always follows the same pattern. The feeling of the whole set is like a wave, one swell and release, like an inhale and an exhale, or like a whole lifetime.

The music always begins gently, so you can open

It picks up to have steady and perhaps rapid beats

The middle is wild, off-kilter, and fast

It shifts into soaring or rolling tunes

The end is always slow, stilling, and releasing

Sample Playlist

On this page you can hear the beginning of each track to get a sense of the kind of music we might to listen to. To hear the full songs and the full playlist, open the playlist in your Spotify account. 

If you don't have a Spotify account, find a friend who has one and plan a dance party, because otherwise the songs will play out of order, and in ecstatic dance the order matters! 

A suggestion for how to use this playlist

Here is a link to a playlist that anyone can listen to. There are lots of playlists for ecstatic dance on music websites like SoundCloud and MixCloud

Would you like to Make a Playlist for one of our dances?

!!!! check out the guide below !!!!

Guide to music for Northern Michigan Ecstatic Dance

Offerings from dancers: flowers, treats, poetry

Our monthly newsletter includes links to playlists.