Kids at the Dance

Are Kids Welcome at the Dance?


And you should know:

Kids have a magical infectious energy that most adults love to be around. Dancing comes naturally to young people; they don’t need to think about it to move.

It is a gift to have a young person in the space, be that an infant, a toddler, a six year old, or a preteen. (Teens too are always welcome, and are a very special gift, I mean that in all seriousness, but most of what I want to say here doesn’t apply to this age group. They can function as adults in most cases.)

Know that kids will be warmly welcomed and cared for, just like everyone who comes to the dance.

Although this is an all ages friendly space, it is not designed for kids. There aren’t special activities for them.

Activities can be adapted to suit them, just as all adults must adapt so that what ever happens suits them. This is called the law of adaptation. 😉

I can usually find a way to make it work and will treat the young person as an equal member of the group, because they are.

We don’t talk during the dance.

It’s fine to make vocalizations (sing along, shout yee haw!, or the like) and it’s totally fine to answer a question or speak briefly to your young person as needed, kids have things to say!

The goal is to create sacred space for transformation and having a lot of conversation in the room disrupts that process. Many kids are totally great at being mostly quiet. They can sense it and they do fine.

If you or your kid needs to take a break in the hall or depart early this is always just fine.

We expect everyone to take care of themselves so they get exactly what they need in that moment.

The music is intended to be positive and all ages friendly. Much of the time there are no lyrics, and when there are they are in a language other than English or they are positive.

Occasionally there is a cuss word. Even more occasionally a song or even a whole playlist is kinda dark.

I can’t guarantee a pure G rated experience, even though it very largely is every time. Please reach out in advance if you want to know for sure the contents of the playlist. I will know a day or two before the dance., or for a quicker response message me on Facebook.

We are usually done by 8:45 PM. Sometimes a little later. We end in a circle together. There is an time for sharing and then we do something simple to seal it in, like hold hands and pass a squeeze. The closing takes about 10-15 minutes.

Feel free to leave early if you need to. It is truly OK.

Also, the music has a natural arc to it that puts us in a restful and dreamy place at the end. It could be good for getting in a sleepy zone!

Kids bring a little chaos to the space. Some extra unpredictability, and that is awesome. Almost always it is more joy, love, or insight.

Occasionally it is more disruption. It is so good for us to learn to allow the unexpected, the unpredictable, and the maybe uncomfortable into our lives.

We get to notice ourselves in it and practice bringing in more love and more patience and more kindness and more forgiveness. Which is why kids are a gift at ecstatic dance.

Please bring yours sometime - your own child or your grandchild or niece or nephew or neighbor or special friend. Everyone can dance!

In case you are reading all of this and wondering:

Are you trying to turn Ecstatic Dance into a kid-dance? I kinda like the adult-vibe.

The answer is no. This will always be a space for transformation and release and that requires a certain type of environment, which is why all of the previous points were mentioned, so everyone knows what to expect during the dance.

Additionally, given that the dance is in the evening mid week, I don’t expect this dance to become overrun with kids.

However, there are people who wonder if it’s OK to bring kids at all, and this is for them. There are people who don’t come because they have a child they are responsible for at that time, and this is also for them.

Children are part of our community and I believe we should make it easy for children and parents to participate in community activities.

There is arguably no better place to welcome everyone than while moving and dancing.